Every fan is important!

Every fan is important!

These two paperhat wearing somethings are a Short-Movie-Project with tons of little films about these guys full of fooling. You can watch the movies free on YouTube or on Facebook (with YouTube link ;)).


Make decisions what the Paperhatz will do next and about what is going on on the moon. We're not a big company but have lot's of dreams like one. We want to go to Hollwood with you. Come with us to bring the Academy-Award with all the citizens to the moon.


We are not a big animation studio with 500+ employees. (We're also not 499;). We're exactly two guys. One for the sound, one for the graphics and together for the screenplay. Located in Austria, we are doing the stuff everybody in the whole world needs - even though they don't know it yet. The Paperhatz is a project founded by Patrick Kleinfercher and Markus Mussnig, we're the guys behind the paperhat-wearing aliens.


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If you leave a comment on a The Paperhatz YouTube videopage you can also see it here! So you can help us with you feedback to make it perfect! Because without you comment, your feedback or your questions we cannot reach our goal to drive to hollywood with the Paperhatz.


So please leave a comment, stay in contact via mail or whatever... We are not an company, so every fan can decide and so we can take the Academy-Award with you and all citizens of the Moon...

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The Story...

One of these days, long after which the humans lay foot onto the moon for the first time, a highly intelligent group of little, green moonlings gathered to clean up after the humans. They found a flag, some spiral springs of the earthian lunar rover, a couple of old news papers and some other stuff. The great council of the moonlings decided to characterize some of the friendly greenies in a very special way and thought them the sublime art of origami. And that’s how it happened that two greenies made their way down to earth, with origami paper hats on their heads...


One of these days a child reported about an unknown flying object out on the beautiful starlit sky. The child was very excited! Through the telescope, it said, it almost seemed like a paper air plane, or maybe a paper spaceship, with dynamic wings! And why yes - it sure looked like it was made out of newspaper! You could imagine: none of the adults believed it! So, it decided to recorded a video of the UFO. Newspaper editors could not believe their eyes and gathered and lay in waiting, hoping to see the spectacle themselves. A couple of days passed until the strange paper air plane appeared back on the starlit sky. It came closer, closer, closer, closer, closer, closer until sure enough, it crash landed on the lens of the editors camera. There it was: a spaceship, neatly folded out of a newspaper that recorded July 21st, 1969! It opened up and out came two, little green guys wearing news-paper hats on their heads. Obviously, this made huge news on earth: „Aliens experts in origami crafts! ‚Paperhatz‘ landed on earth safely!“ Photos taken that day where analyzed and they revealed, that one of the paperhatz is moving on spiral springs, just like the ones used in the 60s for building the lunar rover. When the editors came back to the scene they found a whole set of camera equipment missing. All there was, was a paper that read „We borrowed this stuff for a while - Jeff and Andy.“

The Story...
Klasse im Boot - Drachenboot Schulevent
Radiolino - Grosses Radio für kleine Ohren

Where you can find the Paperhatz?

The Paperhatz love to travel. That's why you'll find the Paperhatz not only in the Moon but around the globe. Where they stop, you'll find here!